Your company assumed two basic risks on the first day it started operations:

  • The speculative risk of making a profit
  • The possibility of an uninsured loss of assets.

Our Services
At Insurance Exchange Agency we help our customers identify and control possible loss of assets.

Just as in other types of business, the insurance industry has changed.  We have seen product innovations so that many insurance carriers offer policies specifically tailored to your type of business.

If your agent is not aggressively marketing your coverages through several insurance companies at expiration, how are you to know if you are enjoying the kind of coverage best suited to your business at the most sensible cost?  Isn’t that the type of service you ought to expect from your agent?  We think so, and we also think it’s an excellent time for you to see how effective we at the Insurance Exchange can be!

About Timing
Your timing just could not be better!

The Commercial Business Insurance market continues to be soft which places you, as a business person in an enviable position.  Insurance companies are aggressively seeking business like yours to insure.

In many cases, current premiums are at levels reminiscent of five years ago for property, liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

To make matters even better, you have an opportunity to see how the present market conditions may benefit you, by contacting the Insurance Exchange Agency, Inc., right here in Northville.